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KOZYGO pouches are hand-crafted in Canada

We offer pouches for auto-injectors and the AeroChamber Valved Holding Chamber. We call our double auto-injector holder the "DUO" and our single holder the "UNO". The AeroChamber Valved Holding Chamber pouch is called the "QUATTRO".

Our pouches are light, comfortable and fashionable. We have styles suitable for children, teens, and adults. For durability we use high quality materials such as neoprene, recycled polyester or cordura.

Which Auto-injectors do your pouches fit?
Our pouches fit both EPIPEN and TWINJECT in their protect tubes. If you want to fit an ANAPEN let us know and we can adjust the size accordingly. How Are They Worn? The pouch can be ordered with an adjustable waist strap that doubles as a sling or can be worn with a belt buckle or carabiner clip. We've also added the option of combining a strap with either a buckle or carabiner for versatility.

Other Features

* Quality Construction
* Tag for ID inside
* Waterproof Zipper Closure
* Made in Canada

Please Note: The auto-injector should always be in the protect tube when used with the pouch. The medication should be kept between 15-30 degrees celcius thus care should be taken. The pouch should be worn by the child at all times and not left in direct sunlight. In cold weather the pouch should be tucked underneath a jacket.
*KOZYGO is not liable for any misuse of the medication used.

Warranty: The warranty for the KOZYGO pouch is 3 months from the date of purchase. Warranty only applies to problems with craftsmanship & does not apply to the wear & tear of the product over time. It is the responsibility of the user to check the zipper regularly & to make sure the zipper is working properly.

Not Just for Auto-Injectors!

The picture above shows how a Duo pouch can be used to carry one auto-injector and up to four 7ml bottles. We also sell the 7ml bottles which are perfect for one dose of Benadryl.
Pouch with Two 7ml Bottles and a Pufer
The picture above shows how the Duo pouch can be customized to fit a puffer and some bottles in addition to the auto-injector. If you would like to fit a puffer you can select this option when ordering under Customizing.

The picture above just shows a puffer and an auto-injector. Please note that you will need to select this option when ordering a Duo. In order to fit the puffer we have to increase the length of the pouch.

Options for Wearing

Belt Option:
You can choose to have the pouch worn with a belt (around the waist or across the shoulder). You can order belts by xsmall, small, medium, large and xlarge. Each belt has room for adjustment. You can also detach the belt if necessary. This feature is handy if an adult needs to wear the pouch for her child.

The belt sizes are set as follows:
XS: 18"-27" (2.5 to 3 yrs. old)
S: 21"-33" (4 to 7 yrs. old)
M: 24"-39" (8 to 13 yrs. old)
L: 29"-48" (14 + yrs. old)
XL: 33"-58" (adult)

Buckle Option
You can choose to have a buckle which is great for clipping on to a belt, strap of a bag, through a backpack D-ring, etc.

Carabiner Option
The carabineer is very versatile and can be clipped to a belt loop, backpack D-ring, etc.
(Note: the carabiner may be different than the one shown)

Combo Option ($5 extra)
We now offer the option of having a belt and carabineer or belt and buckle. You now can have two different ways of carrying your KOZYGO pouch. Please see pic on the right to see what the back of the pouch would look like with the Combo...
(Note: the carabiner may be different than the one shown)