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Testimonials from Satisfied Parent

Thank you for your products! My order arrived yesterday and I am really happy with it. One child with a puffer and one with an ALLERJECT, so this will make my life much easier!

Rebecca S.


My daughter's been wearing a Kozyepi Duo for two years now and even though it is now really beat up (she's 6!) it has held up really really well. Thank you so much for making such a great product!



We have 4 other Kozyepi pouches and they are fabulous. This order will replace a lost pouch.

We use them for medication other than an epi pen (a bottle of pills, 2 syringes and 2 boxed vials) that we need to have on emergency standby for our children. Thanks for such a great product that works with items other than the epi pen!

C. Lowry


I ordered a xs kozyepi for my daughter last week and just wanted to thank you for the quick service and delivery. Your product is exactly as it appeared on the website and it's nice to find a belt that fits her tiny waist and one that comes in a fun design.

Thanks again,


Thanks to you for even thinking to make such a wonderful product.

It sure makes it easier for kids. This is all new to us and just knowing that my son can carry his epipen on him at all times with a "stylish" and suitable pouch really means a lot.

Thanks and have a great day!



Kiran got his KozyEpi yesterday and he was very excited to wear it. He made sure to put it on today for school. He really loves the design!

Thanks for helping to create and market these great epi holders!



I just wanted to thank you for all of the effort you put into making my daughter's KozyEpi pouch. She is absolutely delighted with it, and now it has become something of a fashion statement for her and not just a way to carry her medicine with her. I'm sure we'll be passing your name along to others in the next few months.

Thanks again and all the success to you in the future!


L & J Pischke


My daughter has been wearing an Epi pen belt ever since she could walk. It wasn’t until she started school that she began to notice how the belt made her look and feel different from the other kids. It has been a non-stop battle to remind her to put the belt on - sometimes she would “forget” it, or try and leave it behind – and that just can’t happen when someone has a life-threatening allergy. When I saw the kozyepi pouches, I immediately ordered two; a custom design and a blue fuzzy pouch… and kept my fingers crossed.

They came not three days later, and my daughter has been wearing them ever since (and has not “forgotten” them once).

Helen, I would like to thank you for your great idea and commitment to those with allergies. In my daughter’s eyes the pouches look like little purses, not a big sign around the waist that says “I have allergies” (she has a medic alert bracelet to do that for her). Now all the girls without a pouch want one, and that makes my daughter feel special. And really, that is what it is all about!

Many thanks,



I just wanted to say thank you. We received the KozyEpi’s within a couple days of ordering them. My daughter Josee, who’s 7, absolutely loves them! She wears it on her shoulder across her chest and all of her friends think it’s the coolest thing! They say it looks like a purse. This is the first time Josee has ever actually wanted to wear her Epi-Pen pouch. I am so glad that we found your website! We will be ordering new ones every year I’m sure!

Thanks again,



Goldie loves her KozyEpi case! She’s quite proud of it and has done her show and tell at school and ballet. You included 2 business cards in my package, if you can, please send me some more. There’s a girl in Goldie’s ballet class who doesn’t have an epi case yet and her parents were quite interested in Goldie’s so I gave them your card. I have a feeling as more people see her case; the word will travel to other parents of children with allergies. A parent at Goldie’s school said she paid enormous for a leather pouch but would’ve liked a more playful looking one for her child.

Thanks again for all your help; we’re very pleased with our purchase.



Thank you for the EpiPrincess. My daughter absolutely loves it! She is ready to wear it 24/7.